Adult Night Sessions





If you've ever wanted to join a band, the Night Sessions program is a great way to meet other musicians and prepare to take the stage together! This program is open to adult musicians of all skill levels interested in a two-hour weekly rehearsal that culminates in a live performance at the "Big Gig."  Each group is led by a Lakehouse instructor who guides their band on setlist choices, learning/arranging song parts, and preparing for live performance. Every student in a Night Sessions band also takes a 30-minute private lesson per week, to develop your individual techniques and stylistic skills. It's never too late to join a band, make new friends, and get out on the stage to perform! 

Acoustic/ Songwriting

Come out of the woodwork and start playing your acoustic songs with others! Lakehouse offers a program for musicians of all skill levels who would like to join an acoustic musical group. During weekly sessions, participants will work one-on-one with a teacher, learning acoustic songs and techniques, followed by a group rehearsal to prepare for a live performance at the end of the semester.  This performance will be at a renowned, local music venue such as the Stone Pony.