Get Started Music & Arts Camps
Join the Band!
6 Weeks of Different Camps for Kids 5 - 10 Years Old!
Come for 1 or come for all 6!  Discounts offered for multiple weeks...Mix & Match your Favorites! 

All camps Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm

Play in a band led by professional musicians and educators.  Get on stage and sing into the mic!  Learn an instrument and gain experience playing guitar, drums, bass, and piano.  All Get Started camps work towards an end-of-week performance!  Students will get to name their band, and design the sets and costumes for their big gig.

Additional aftercare provided from 3-6pm.

June 20 - 24 - Jersey Rockers

Tap into your Jersey roots by learning the hits from our local favorites! Rock out to the Asbury Park classics from Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Gaslight Anthem, & the Bouncing Souls.

June 27 - July 1 - The Beatles

Have fun playing in a band and learning songs from the Fab Four - the greatest songwriters in history!  Bring the British Invasion to Asbury Park in this Beatles-filled week of camp.

July 18 - July 22 - Hair Metal, Glam, Hard Rock

Get your energy out with a week of Hair Metal, Glam Rock, & Hard Rock!  Learn the rockin’ anthems and power ballads that will get the crowd wanting more!  From artists like Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, & T-Rex.  Don’t forget your big hair and ripped jeans!

July 25 - July 29 - Pop Top 40

Does your child love to turn on the radio and sing along to the catchy melodies of Taylor Swift, Katie Perry, & Bruno Mars?  Spend a week rehearsing the Pop Top 40 hits for an end-of-camp performance!

August 22 - August 26 - Classic Rock

Pass down your favorite tunes to your kids in this Classic Rock camp!  Shred an AC/DC guitar solo - sing the iconic harmonies of Queen - count off the drum beat for the Ramones!  Give your kids a taste of the glory days with this rocking performance camp.

August 29 - September 2 - 1950’s Rockabilly

Start your kids at the beginning!  Learn how to play rock and roll from the artists who invented it.  Classics from artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry, & Buddy Holly will give the students a great introduction to what it means to play in a rock and roll band!


Lakehouse Summer Camps for Ages 8 - 19

All camps run Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm.  Limited spots available!  Discounts offered for multiple weeks - mix and match your favorites!

Additional aftercare provided from 3 - 6pm.  Drop the kids off and hit the beach!

July 11 - July 15 - 90’s Rock & Grunge

Channel the Grunge gods of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, & Green Day by playing a full week of raw rock that defined the culture of the early ‘90’s.  End the week with a live performance.

July 18 - July 22 - British Rock

The British Invasion is hitting Asbury Park this summer with a week of British Rock performance camp.  Play your favorite tunes from The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles & more.  Choose your own songs and rehearse with your band for a killer performance at the end of the week!

July 18 - July 22 - Billboard Top 40

Learn to play your radio favorites, from Katie Perry and Taylor Swift, to Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars.  Play and sing with a band while rehearsing the hits!  Bring down the house with an end-of-week performance!

July 25 - July 29 - Guitar Wizards Shred Camp

This week-long intensive guitar course will instruct students in various techniques valuable to any style of playing, including right & left hand useage, sweep picking, economy picking, & tapping.  Learn beginning & advanced soloing techniques for blues, rock, jazz, metal, & more.

July 25 - July 29 - All Things Vocal

Be the Powerhouse Singer you were born to be!  Spend an entire week honing your skills as a vocalist: extend your range, learn valuable warm-up & warm-down techniques, and gain the skills needed to harmonize with other singers.  Work under the guidance of industry professional vocalists to get the most out of your vocal performance.

July 25 - July 29 - Drumset Camp

Spend this stimulating week on the drumset, gaining exposure to new techniques and drum innovations for all styles.  This camp features special guests and daily themes with focused workshops.  Work on limb independence on Jazz day, try something new with Exotic Rhythms, and hone your skills playing together with session musicians on Studio Day.

August 1 - August 5 - Junior Songwriting & Recording (Ages 8 - 12)

Turn your desire to write your own songs into a reality!  Learn how to write and arrange your own original songs, while collaborating with other musicians under the guidance of professional singer/songwriters.  Students will then record their own original tracks in Lakehouse Recording Studios, ending the week with radio-ready tracks to take home.

August 1 - August 12 - Senior Songwriting & Recording (Ages 13 - 19)

Turn your song ideas into radio-ready recordings with this two-week Songwriting & Recording camp.  Spend Week 1 under the instruction of professional songwriters, collaborating with other musicians to workshop song ideas, and turning them into finished songs.  Week 2 will be spent in the world-class Lakehouse Recording Studios, working with professional audio engineers to track your own original songs.

August 15 - August 19 - Audio Engineering

Spend a full week in the world-class Lakehouse Recording Studios learning the foundation of ProTools, mixing & mastering techniques, microphone placement, EQ & compression techniques, and time-based processing.  Gain experience in recording live musicians in a professional setting, with professionals.

August 15 - August 19 - EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Camp

Learn the EDM production techniques used by artists like Diplo & Skrillex to produce beats on your own laptop that are industry-ready, and in demand by hip-hop and R&B artists.  Spend the week in Lakehouse Recording Studios, working on your own original tracks.

August 15 - August 19 - College Prep

Are you serious about becoming a professional musician?  This camp will extend your knowledge of music theory by offering the intense, fast-paced classroom atmosphere of a college-level course.  Get ahead of the curve by preparing NOW for high-end local & nationally renowned music universities like Monmouth University, Berklee College of Music, & University of Southern California.