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Stripe Curriculum

The Lakehouse Music Academy Stripe Curriculum is designed to help our students develop as well-rounded musicians with proper technique, knowledge of their instrument, and practical performance skills. Each level is called a stripe, and there are seven stripes that range from white (introductory level) to black (highly advanced). Within each stripe, there are seven components that a student will master in order to graduate to the next stripe. Every "Core" and "Night Sessions" student will have a checklist for their stripe in their folders, and our "Get Started" students will have checklists and the opportunity to get a "Star" punched into their current stripe band every time they master a new concept! 

This Stripe Curriculum Workbook is the starting point for what you can accomplish with your teacher in your private lessons. Your teacher will have many exciting, challenging, educational exercises that will go above and beyond what is in the stripe curriculum and will turn you into even more of a fully formed musician...and that’s the way it should be. Stripes are not a race or a competition -- they probably shouldn't take a month and they probably shouldn't take a year! Any other time frame is appropriate for you and your teacher to work through the Stripe elements and additional performance/practice goals. 

When a student and teacher both agree that a student has completed all of the elements of his/her current stripe, they should sign the checklist and submit it to the office. Our Education Directors will provide information on the exam procedure to graduate to the next stripe. 

The Lakehouse Stripe curriculum includes techniques, music examples, listening guides, and interactive videos for all levels, and is therefore appropriate for students of all ages. Students who complete their Purple stripe will be eligible for the Lakehouse Jet Program, and will form an advanced, customized plan for their Brown and Black stripes!


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