Randy Class

Songwriting | Audio Engineering

Randyʼs love for singing came simply from listening to his motherʼs radio in their apartment while he was growing up in The Bronx. Simultaneously finding warmth and solace in writing, he was able to pen his thoughts, originally as poems, which is where he discovered his immense passion for songwriting. Elements of what has shaped and continues to inspire Randyʼs creative train of thought are dually represented with his ability to sing and write in Spanish as well as English. From Merengue and Bachata, to Soul and R&B, the mixture of these ingredients has defined the texture of his creative palette. Randy jaywalks on a myriad of musical influences; pop driven melodies, paired with substantive lyrics, fueled by elements of Spanish of soul allow Randy to fully immerse his fans into his classic, timeless sound. When heʼs not making music Randy loves to eat any and all food, watch baseball and stroll down Bedford Park Blvd with his dog Tompkins. Say hi or buy him a sandwich if you catch him in these streets!