Boys and Girls Club, Asbury Park

The Hip Hop Institute is located at Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County in Asbury Park. Lakehouse Music instructors teach three different programs: Record Label 101, Audio Engineering, and Hip Hop Dance. Students learn how to record and mix their own original tracks, while working with industry professionals on state­ of ­the ­art equipment. Participants in the program also learn the skills required to write, produce, and market their creations, exploring the back­end process to producing a record including editing, sound engineering, and branding. All three programs conclude each semester with a school ­wide performance for friends and family.

Hope Academy Charter School, Asbury Park

Lakehouse Music partners with The Asbury Park Music Heritage Foundation to institute our signature Youth Initiative Program, which provides underprivileged youth in our area access to quality music instruction.  The goal is to sustain the in ­class music program, that was previously nonexistent, leaving the students of Hope Academy with no music education in school.  During a time when public funding for music and arts programs in public schools is disappearing or nonexistent.  The Youth Initiative Program developed and instituted instrumental and vocal classes during school hours and after school hours. The after school component also addresses an important concern in our community: keeping kids safe and engaged during those hours when they are most at risk.


Additionally, Lakehouse Music and Cowerks have introduced the Sprockets computer coding program in Hope Academy, instituting this relevant subject into the public school’s curriculum. Intro to Computer Science, gives students ages 6 ­ 12 a chance to explore programming through a series of both computerized activities as well as "unplugged" lessons and demonstrations. The computerized activities teach programming using visual building block commands that allow students to play, experiment, and solve problems, while creating lines of code under the hood. The unplugged activities will range from choreographing dance moves, to instructing teammates how to create art with a set of commands, and many other fun and interactive experiences to introduce key concepts.


Spring Lake Public Library

Lakehouse brings the Cadets program (6 months ­ 2 years) to Spring Lake Library twice a month for interactive parent ­and ­me classes! The program uses sticks, shakers, drums, clapping and other fun percussion instruments to make music with original sing along songs. Song repetition allows the development of basic age appropriate foundation of words, melody, rhythm and music by modeling teachers and peers with playful movement and dance.

Ivy Hedge Early Childhood Learning

Lakehouse Music brings two programs to Ivy Hedge! Cadets Plus (ages 3 ­ 6) engages children by capturing their attention with original call and response songs and interactive musical narratives that introduce fundamental concepts of musical rhythms and note values. Get Started (ages 7 ­ 10) is a structured group rehearsal where beginners join the band and start making music the very first day! Students are introduced to drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, and even get to sing into the mic!

Atlantis Preparatory School, Manasquan

Lakehouse instructors bring our Cadets Plus and Get Started programs to The Atlantic Club for Preschoolers ­ 3rd Graders. Students learn relevant facts about specific instruments, such as how they work and from where they originated, while playing in a band! These rock stars learn their instruments and understand music fundamentals through popular songs and melodies under the guidance of our dynamic Lakehouse instructors. These programs culminate in performances at the end of each semester at Lakehouse Music Academy for all friends and family!