Mike Roman

Guitar | Bass | Keyboard

Mike first picked up the guitar when he was 9 years old, solidifying music as his lifelong dedication. Throughout the years he also picked up keyboards, drums, bass, and singing which allowed him to further refine his craft. As a primarily self taught musician, he was able to encapsulate his identity as a writer early on. Hes been performing/teaching professionally since he was 16. 

Mike Roman is a multi-instrumentalist who traverses a wide array of musical domains. His own band No More Pain showcases a fusion of progressive rock/metal with a songwriter and conceptual sensibility. Mike primarily specializes in rock, metal, jazz, and experimental music, but will never confine himself to any specific genre. Aside from NMP, he has worked on soundtracks for independent video game developers, and stop motion comic series Spirit Legends. He is also working on music for his own upcoming endeavors as well.