PK Lavengood

Guitar | Bass

PK Lavengood has spent most of the last 25 years as guitarist and sometime musical director for Nashville­ based singer­ songwriter John Eddie. Long acclaimed as one of the East Coast's leading roots­rock guitarists, he has also graced the recordings and stages of a long roster of other artists such as Glen Burtnik, Bob Burger, Jo Wymer and Laura Crisci to name a few. An accomplished singer he can also be seen in solo and duo settings, with his long­running trio, PK's Band Without Fear and as John Eddie's guitarist and principal background vocalist. 

Prior to his move to New Jersey PK led Rods and Cones, one of the Midwest's top touring cover bands in the 80's. Although largely self­-taught on guitar, PK's early musical training included several year of playing piano, clarinet, electric and string bass. Relying on his ear and instinct, his style encompasses Nashville­-style hybrid picking and a strong slide approach, both in standard and altered tunings. All these years playing he has accumulated a massive songlist spanning the history of rock.  This serves him well in his teaching career which dates back to 1975!  With his easy­going midwestern approach and infectious enthusiasm for playing,  PK is one of the most versatile teachers around.