Kay Kiatpreecha

Drums | Guitar | Piano

Pongsapak (Kay) was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has been playing drums since the age of fourteen. He learned to play the drums through worship music at church and blues gigs at local bars in his hometown. Pongsapak has been part of a variety of groups ranging from full orchestras to small fusion-jazz combos. His experience in his early years of performance has inspired him to pursue an education in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music. During his time at college, Pongsapak worked as a studio drummer for many of the local artists and performed at Boston Symphony Hall. He currently lives in New Jersey, enjoying his life with musicians and friends through his love of music. In his free time, he explores the world taking pictures and writing songs to document his travels. His influences include Radiohead, Fela Kuti, Led Zeppelin, Tony Williams, The Kinks and many more.