Life-Changing Youth Music Education

KEEP HOPE ALIVE: Donate to Hope Charter's Music Program

Here at Lakehouse we are striving to bring music education into Asbury Park school systems. With support from the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation and generous donations from amazing local businesses and people we have a brand new music program at Hope Academy Charter School. The program is part of The APMHF’s signature Youth Initiative, which provides underprivileged youth in our area access to quality music instruction.

With funding secured for the project’s initiation, the goal is to sustain the in-class music program at the school, instrumental and vocal, and broaden extensions through their new after-school program, Hope Academy TLC (Teaching, Learning and Community). The after-school piece will promote small-group instruction and create a venue for performances and special events. The after school component also addresses an important concern in our community: keeping kids safe and engaged during those hours when they are most at risk.

This program is part of the Music Saved My Life youth music education initiative, which is a partnership between the Asbury Park Music Foundation
and Lakehouse Music Academy.