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DRUMS | VOCALS | BASS | Guitar | Piano

At ten years old, Natalie Newbold picked up her first pair of drum sticks. Fifteen years later, she is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, lead singer, studio musician, producer, composer, teacher, and touring musician. Since high school, she has been playing historic and acclaimed venues throughout New Jersey like the Stone Pony and Starland Ballroom, and she has studied music theory at her alma mater, Rutgers University. In 2012, Natalie teamed up with her cousin, a local filmmaker named Tom Kircher, and composed the scores for his award-winning short films “The Dead Rose” and “Wraith.” She spends most of her weekends playing shows up and down the east coast as the guitarist and lead singer of the band Well Wisher.

Natalie has been a dedicated and inspiring teacher at Lakehouse Music Academy for the past 3 years working with both kids and adults. As an instructor, she combines real-life, practical musicianship, traditional theory, with a progressive teaching style that is both fun and enlightening for her students.


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Steve Honoshowsky is a percussionist and bassist who also plays a variety of electronic instruments.  He has been performing, recording, composing, and facilitating workshops individually and with a variety of artists since 2001. He has studied with Chris Pennie and Billy Martin and currently performs and records with Billy's Fang Percussion Ensemble, which was featured in the film/dvd, "Life On Drums".  In 2008, he represented the United States with solo drum performances at the YMCA Europe Festival in Prague, Czech Republic, and co-founded the drummers collective Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick with Amir Ziv, which was featured in Modern Drummer Magazine.  He has been teaching children and adults for over fifteen years and is a facilitator The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP).

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Born into a family teeming with artistic talent and dexterity, Santo J. Rizzolo quickly discovered his life passion: laying down beats. A drummer for 13 years, Santo has acquired all the essentials of a versatile player: impeccable timing, acute sensibility for dynamics, subtlety, fluidity and finesse. He can shuffle and swing through a multitude of popular styles: from funk to rock, from hip-hop to country, from ragtime to go-go music; you beatbox it and he can play it! Santo has been instructing for four years and prides himself in his compassion, approachability, patience and professionalism. To put it plainly, students love him!

Santo has performed live and/or recorded with a variety of local musicians, including Cara Salimando, Paul Raucci, Jimmy Bentley and Nikki Britt. His alarmingly diverse percussive skills are currently featured in the indie experimental soul outfit, Mad Feather Group.