Dan Haase

Bass | Guitar

While still a young boy growing up in Lakewood, New Jersey; Dan Haase began to discover the beauty of rock and roll music via The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen. By the time Dan reached high school he had taken up the electric guitar and self taught himself the upright bass and his true musical love the electric bass. After four years of learning how to craft his talent at the Berklee College of Music, Dan would return home to New Jersey to begin his musical journey as a musician and songwriter. Almost a decade since graduating college, Dan has performed all over the United States, primarily in the New Jersey based rock band Stolen Rhodes, of which he was a member from its founding in 2008 until 2016. Whether at a bar in the backwoods of North Carolina, on the giant festival stages of the Sturgis Bike Rally, or right at home in his own backyard at The Stone Pony; Dan has done nothing but leave his heart and soul on the floor every time he takes the stage. Playing rock and roll music that speaks to him, whether written by him or by one of his many rock and roll heroes, has given Dan the fuel and fire needed to make his mark in the vast world of rock and roll music. After three albums and a couple of years on the road, Dan left Stolen Rhodes in August of 2016, and arrived at Lakehouse Music Academy as the newest member of the fantastic family they have started in a revitalized 21st Century Asbury Park. Dan continues to write his own music and play his bass guitar, while educating a new generation of musicians to rise from New Jersey’s home of rock and roll.