Pre-School Cadet PLUS (Ages 3 - 5 Years)

Saturdays 11:30am - 12:30pm | Drop Off Class

Tuesdays 4:30 - 5:30pm | Drop Off Class

Music and success are closely linked. Exposure to music at an early age stimulates development of the brain and challenges students to think creatively and critically. The Cadets Plus program at Lakehouse Music Academy is specifically tailored to develop cognitive functions such as memory, problem solving, and motor skills, regardless if the child is an auditory or visual learner.  Our mission statement is to provide "Relevant, Real-Life Music Education" that prepares our students for success in the real world. Most important of all, we keep it fun!

This program engages children by capturing their attention with original call and response songs, using interactive musical narratives to tell a story.  Students are exposed to fundamental concepts of musical rhythm such as quarter, half, and whole note values. Students also participate in vocal exercises to develop their sense of pitch. They learn relevant facts about specific instruments, such as how they work and from where they originate.  Classes conclude with an instrumental jam session, led by the instructor, providing children with an opportunity to express themselves musically and creatively.

Cadets PLUS prepares students for our Get Started group performance program.