Music and success are closely related.  Exposure to music at an early age stimulates development of their brain and challenges students to think creatively and critically.  Allowing children opportunities to explore and create music in a safe and interactive environment builds confidence and self-esteem.  This program was designed in a way to meet the needs of all learners, allowing everyone to feel confident in their music making abilities. It is our mission statement to provide "Relevant, Real-Life Music Education" in a way that prepares our students for success in the real world.  And most important of all...we keep it fun!

Throughout this program students express their "inner rockstar".  Students will utilize a variety of instruments (drums, shakers, sticks, etc.) while learning the fundamental concepts of music rhythm and tonalities.  They will also have exposure to an assortment of instruments and learn about their corresponding families (brass, wood winds, percussion, etc.). Classes will close each week with a "jam session".  This provides children with the opportunity to "rock out" and express themselves musically and creatively.

At the conclusion of each session, Cadets students perform at the Big Gig! This experience provides our Cadets with confidence in performing and provides the sense of success in their music making.

**The Cadets program prepares our students for our GET STARTED group performance program.**