Lakehouse Music Academy (LHMA) is a progressive music school, featuring group performances and individual lessons. Our program is committed to the development of comprehensive musicianship for every student, at every level, at every age.

It is our mission to engage and enrich our students through musical education by promoting performance, composition, collaboration and scholarship. We value creativity, diversity, community and music's ability to improve the human condition. 

Our team employs various teaching methods built around each student’s particular needs.  We aim to build a community where any musician, regardless of age, experience, and musical taste, can feel at home. Students have the opportunity to hone their skills in performance, recording, engineering, producing, songwriting, and business/marketing.  Our holistic approach to music education allows us to produce the most prepared musicians for today’s music industry.

Lakehouse Music Academy is housed in the Lakehouse Music Building, under the same roof as two world-class recording studios, a music store, rehearsal rooms and many notable music industry professionals.

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